IT Security Services


Nano IT Security is a company that specializes in Information Security and has been improving its use of security techniques and methodologies with certified professionals to ensure the success of its clients’ projects. The method and organization of work are customized to ensure satisfaction, quality of services and expected results. 


Our goal is to support our customers in the practice of IT security services in Portugal, security executive analysis, pentesting, system integration and data migration, managing and reducing the risk and potential impact of different threats that the use of computer network pose to their business.


We have specialized services in various areas of information security, guaranteeing complete assistance to your company, effective risk management of the organization, coupled with the proper management of information security controls.


Information Security Management is a continuous process, and in its cycle there are different activities that must be ensured in order to sustain a uniform security management strategy. In addition to the implementation of appropriate management processes, our specialists are equipped to technologically test the infrastructures and their applications in order to identify in a timely manner and correct any vulnerabilities in the customer infrastructures that may represent a risk to the Confidentiality, Integrity or Availability of information.


Another of the axes of IT Security  Services is the professional level of people who share professional information. Therefore where Nano IT Security carries out awareness actions regarding Information Security and inherent risks.

Do You want to Improve or Test the Information Security Level of Your Company?

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