IT Developer

IT Developer
Posted 1 year ago
Start date 1/03/2023
End date 31/12/2024
Mission context The mission of the tribe ‘Client servicing and robotics’, is to delivery lean and easy to use solutions to both collaborators and customers with the ambition to deliver an optimal service as defined in the Bank contact strategy (24/24, 7/7, first time right, solution oriented self-service, automation by chat, NLP, ROBOTISATION OF RECURRING PROCESSES AND ACTIVITIES IN close collaboration with other entities and among others CoE A&AI)
To support us on those challenges, the Robotics cluster is looking for experienced automation engineers (RPA/blue prism developers) to reinforce its 3 squads  (every squad manages a more specific domain).
Function  description
  • Good understanding of the business needs in collaboration with the Process Engineer and other contributors
  • Elaboration of detailed technical design
  • Scripting according to the cluster standards and guidelines, and considering required quality and performance levels.
  • Testing in collaboration with requestor, process engineer, ..
  • Contribution to the Agile squad
    • Estimation of development workload
    • Helps peers
    • share guidance and expertise, make improvement proposals, ..
  • Elaboration of (or contribution to ~) the preparation of the installation in production – including integration and assembly testing
  • Support test management in the execution of tests (including bug fixing)
  • Quality review of detailed design and code provided by external suppliers
  • Documentation of development activities (design, code, unit testing, code review)
 Language requirements Dutch French or Dutch is obligated
French French or Dutch is obligated
English Sound knowledge of English as well as (at least) one local language
Education IT / technical background.     RPA and Blueprism training and relevant experience
  • Expectation: 50% on site & 50% homeworking from the start, no offshore
Agile requirements An analyst involved in Agile projects must have the “Agile mindset” which implies:

  • a positive attitude and pragmatism
  • thirst for knowledge: Agile is about learning and adapting. Knowledge sharing is key to success.
  • The goal of team success: Agile is about the success of the team, no individual success or heroic behavior. It is more important for the team to succeed than for the individual to have completed his/her tasks.
  • There is no failure, only feedback: Agile is about taking everything as lessons, adjusting actions based on the feedback, resulting in continuous improvement.

Beyond the roles:  Agile teams are cross-functional.  All required disciplines are represented in the team (analysis, development, testing, … ). However, although team members have a primary role representing a discipline, they are expected to take on other roles and contribute to other disciplines  whenever it helps towards reaching the sprint goal.

Required experience / knowledge At least 2 years of relevant experience
Technical experience mandatory RPA / Blue Prism
Technical knowledge
Business experience mandatory Acquainted with interacting with business, understanding business needs, good communication
Soft skills
  • Team player
  • Accurate
  • autonomous
  • communicative
  • Continuous improvement mindset
  • quality oriented

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