Do you know what are the vulnerabilities that your company is exposed to ?

With the increasing competitiveness of the market, the adhesion of companies to information technology resources has become a fundamental requirement for both survival and contact with their Customers. But the massive use of such infrastructure requires precise planning and control as digital components and the inter-connectivity of the corporate environment to the large network bring with it numerous threats to your business. To that end, Nano IT offers PenTesting service for companies that need to make their business safe.

Penetration tests, or simply “Pentest” are controlled simulations of a real attack on a network, system, website or application, in order to evaluate its security. During the process an active analysis of vulnerabilities, weaknesses and technical deficiencies of the current physical and logical infrastructure is made, composing the objects in question (such as systems and localities accessible to the external and internal public of a company), with emphasis on availability assessments , Integrity and confidentiality of Customer’s information.


Nano IT Security’s PenTesting service follows the international standards, such as NIST 800-42, OWASP, OSSTMM and ISSAF / PTF, in addition to using exclusive tools, always with the objective of guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability Possible for the service, always carried out with total transparency with the Client.

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PenTesting service can be divided into different approaches:

Attempted intrusion through the internal and / or external environment and attempted procedural intrusion (social engineering, corporate garbage analysis, etc.).


In order for this service to be performed, it is necessary to sign an Agreement of Action and Confidentiality between the parties, in which the scope and limits of the Agreement are clearly defined.

As final product the client will receive a complete report containing:

  • – Executive summary;
  • – Scope of the project;
  • – Tools used;
  • – Records of each test event;
  • – Detailed results of each test;
  • – Listing with all identified vulnerabilities, with security recommendations to heal or circumvent each of them;
  • – Strategic planning, where guidance is given on priorities for corrections to be applied, the possible impact of each of them in the current customer processes and other relevant consulting.

Here are the principal Benefits of PenTesting:

  • – Practical testing of existing security controls;
  • – Knowledge of the vulnerabilities that your company is exposed to;
  • – Allocation of resources according to company priority;
  • – Adequacy of the company’s information systems, thus ensuring business continuity;
  • – Decision-making based on real facts.
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