Nano IT Security specialises in Cybersecurity, Pentesting and Vulnerability analyses


Cybersecurity - Pentesting - Vulnerability Analysis

Nano IT Security is a belgian company formed by internationally qualified professionals in the field of information security, with experience in project development, vulnerability scanning, vulnerability analysis, monitoring, pentesting, network security implementation, Disaster recovery plan  and processing, implementations, support and training of customers in the various solutions it offers.


We specialise in IT Services – Pentesting – Vulnerability analyses, and also provides robust outsourcing services that incorporate planning, development, and implementation of IT strategies and solutions that help customers realize the optimum value of their IT investments.


Our mission is to guarantee the continuity of the digital operation of our clients, with the best technologies available on the market, together with management processes that guarantee their total effectiveness.

IT SECURITY 24/7/365

Information Security should be regarded as a process of the organization and not only as a project. Therefore, we have developed an innovative approach that is much more efficient in performing persistent penetration tests.


Our Audit practice helps you to identify potential risks, namely, Technical Vulnerabilities through one-off or Persistent Penetration Testing, on top of this, NanoIT also provides recommendations and support to mitigate the identified issues.


We support our clients in the implementation and adoption of controls used to effectively reduce the risk. Based on the deep knowledge and experience of our team we help companies to implement Information Security Management Best Practices and Standards.

As a dynamic company, Nano IT Security is very attentive to the suggestions and needs of all its Clients, so that its services and products correspond to the real needs of the market, incorporating simultaneously the latest improvements in Information Technology. We know that the success of each of these services depends on the success of the rest. In any of our services, specific methods and techniques are applied, resulting from the experience over the years which, consolidated with the excellence of our consultants, translates into quality and satisfaction for our Customers.


This integrated offer of skills, coupled with the vast work developed with private and public entities, gives us a deep knowledge of numerous processes and information systems, sometimes constituting differentiating factors in relation to the competition.

Given the know-how and experience of Nano IT Security’s consultants, our customers end up posing complex challenges that require tailored technology or management solutions.


Acting as Problem-Solvers, these challenges are typically addressed by our Expert Consultants, finding effective and efficient solutions to the problem, often using ingenious solutions designed and developed to measure or integrated with OpenSource Software.

Want to share a complex challenge with us?

Technology is our eternal passion and as such, these are the situations in which we exceed ourselves and grow, even more, as professionals, as consultants, as partners of our clients.
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