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When we advise small and medium business owners to do regularly a website security health check (website pentesting), in the beginning of the conversation they never believe that their website may be hacked one day. For them, “hackers” are always attracted to big companies, because there’s more money. 


But every time that we ask the question: “what if a “beginner hacker” attacks your website and succeed to still data, block it for hours or days, uses your website as a relay to attack other websites having as consequences that your website be banished from Google,  and worse, destroys the website ?”, the reaction is much more different !


Yes, website pentesting is very important for your business because the consequences are very important if your website get hacked ! Is like any type of insurance (car, health, home, travel, life…) that you subscribe for the moment you’ll need it.

website pentesting

Testing at least once a year your will prevent you from getting in big problems.

When our clients understand the importance of website pentesting, they always ask: How websites get hacked ? Just for information, there are over 1 billion websites on the world wide web today, and another statistic is that Google quarantines approximately 10,000 websites a day via its Safe Browsing technology, because these websites  online are hacked or infected.  With this sort of impact, it’s natural to ask the question how websites keep getting hacked.

Websites get hacked because of three things:

Access Control | Software Vulnerabilities | Third-Party Integration

To protect your website, Nano IT Security’s “Website Security Health Check” service, focuses on typical security vulnerabilities.


This service is a combination of both our External Penetration Testing and our Web Application Penetration Test services.


Website Security Health Check (website pentesting) methodology includes:


  • – Input validation attacks
  • – Cross site scripting attacks
  • – Script injection attacks (SQL injection)
  • – CGI Vulnerabilities
  • – Cookie Theft
  • – User privilege elevation
  • – Web/Application server insecurity
  • – 3rd party software vulnerabilities
  • – Database vulnerabilities
  • – Privacy exposures

We also offer: Website Malware Monitoring

Be at ease knowing you have Nano IT Security monitoring your site. We can identify if your site has been hit with the latest malware attack and alert you to take action. Receive alerts anytime when anything changes via Email.

Why it is important to secure your website ?

Well, to answer this question we must ask another one: is your website important for your business ?


If the answer is “YES”, because your website deliver important data information, or serves as a selling point of your services/products, than it’s necessary that your website be well protected. Of course, there are also other reasons we can talk about like business image to your customers, prospects and business partners that can be damaged if your website is down after a hacking attack.


If you want the flexibility to schedule site integrity checks, we can do it! Schedule scans of your websites to ensure you’re minimizing your security risks. You can also filter specific items on your site that change often, the power is yours.


Check Your Website Security Now

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